About TaperMD

Adverse drug events are a leading cause of hospitalization, disability, and death, all at great human and financial cost.  The elderly are particularly vulnerable, as aging affects our ability to process medications and our resistance to adverse effects. They are likely to be on multiple medications for various chronic conditions putting them most at risk, which can cause cognitive difficulties and affect balance. 

 TaperMD is a software platform offering a web-based clinical decision support system and clinical monitoring pathway. It provides prescribers with tools and resources integrated with a proven methodology to manage, communicate and review patient medication plans. Its focus is to reduce the medication burden in older adults in a systematic and holistic manner. TaperMD was developed through research at McMaster University in Canada.


TaperMD Trial in Marlborough

We are currently trialing TaperMD for patients aged over 75 years old in an aged residential rest home setting who are being prescribed 5 or more prescription drugs. In 2022, the trial will be extended to patients living in our community. 


Resources for the trial & standard operating procedures  can be accessed below:

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If you are a GP or Pharmacist interested in joining the programme then please contact executiveadmin@nullmarlboroughpho.org.nz – we will send through SOP’s relative to your role.

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Taper Benefits & Outcomes

For Patients:

  • Better quality of life, and longer and healthier lives.
  • Substitute or reduction in medications, with fewer side effects.
  • Self-management: Patients have direct input into their medication profile and priorities, as well as a record of their “Taper Plan”. 
  • Understanding of their agreed medication plan and next steps.

 For Health Care Providers:

  • Provision of better care within the time constraints they face. 
  • Accurate and complete information about the patient’s medication profile and priorities.
  • Instant access to reference materials and screens for potential dangers.
  • A proven methodology to document and monitor a Taper Plan.
  • A reduction in the number of adverse drug events such as falls.
  • Lower readmission rates for inpatient care for those suffering an adverse drug event.
  • Reduced number of medications used per patient and related savings.
  • Increased patient satisfaction and improvement in quality of life.

More information for patients can be found below:

TAPER Patient Information