Persistent Pain Self-Management Programme

The Pain Self-Management Programme is designed for people who have had pain for a long time (chronic pain).

People with chronic pain may have seen many doctors and consultants, or various professionals and may have had other treatments aimed at alleviating your pain – all of which will have had limited success.

The programme is designed to help you understand more about pain, the factors that influence it and how it affects your life. The Pain Self-Management Programme aims to give you the skills to cope with your pain more efficiently and put you in control of your pain instead of pain controlling you.




Self-Management Coordinator:

Lois Wong

03 – 520-6267


What Do I Need To Do
  • It is helpful if you are motivated and committed to make changes in your lifestyle and change your attitude towards pain
  • For the programme to be successful it is helpful if you are ready to accept that your pain may not be resolved completely
  • To get the most out of the programme, we ask that you are committed to attend 5 sessions to get the benefits
What Is Involved In The Programme

The programme includes:

  • Education about pain and its management
  • Effects of stress and relaxation
  • Goal setting and pacing education to help you return to more normal and more satisfying activities without fear of increasing your pain

We aim to help you take control of your pain.

What Outcomes Can I Expect

Outcomes generally include:

  • A better understanding how to manage wellbeing, monitor symptoms, self-manage pain to decrease suffering and increase quality of life
  • Understanding of reasons to lesson reliance on medication and increase use of strategies to improve mood and relationships
  • Movement towards a values based approach to pain management
How Can I Enrol On The Programme

The Pain Self-management Programme accepts referrals from a General Practitioner.  Once we receive a referral you will be sent a letter, information brochure and questionnaire in the mail, which you will need to complete and return.

The Programme Coordinator will contact you to arrange an individual appointment to discuss the questionnaire and what to expect from attending the programme.

The programme is free to attend and you can choose to leave the programme at any time.

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