Cardiac Self-Management Programmes

The Cardiac Self-Management Programme comprises two programmes delivered within a group environment:

1. Cardiac Risk
For people who are at risk of developing heart disease or a heart attack. The programme runs over 2 sessions of 2 hours.

2. ‘Healthier Heart’ Cardiac Rehab
For people who have recently had a heart event or cardiac surgery.  This programme is important for your heart treatment and recovery. The programme runs over 4 weekly sessions of 2.5 hours.

Research has shown that programmes like ‘ Cardiac Rehab’ reduce the likelihood of further heart problems or re-admissions to hospital.

Each programme is to help build your confidence so you can make the best choices and decisions to improve your future heart health and quality of life.

How will the programme help you

The programme will help you by:

  • Understanding what has happened and why
  • Giving you information to take control of your future heart health
  • Better understanding your risk factors
  • Better understanding of cholesterol and blood pressure numbers
  • Help you to manage your symptoms and make sense of medications
  • Help you to decide your best options to manage your physical activity
  • Better understanding the best eating choices for a healthy heart
  • Know where to go for support or information
  • Have your doubts and questions answered by the team
Other benefits…

The other benefits for joining these programmes are:

  • A friendly environment to listen and share with other people who have are facing similar situations
  • An opportunity for your family/whānau or support person to be involved in your care and recovery
  • The ability to come to terms with what has happened and gain the confidence to move forward
  • Receiving practical guidelines for physical activity and eating for heart health
  • The option to get involved with Green prescription and improve your physical activity
  • The option to be referred to a Dietitian who will guide you and supporting you to make better eating choices for a heart health

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What does the programmes involve

The programmes are designed for your cardiac condition. To benefit from attending the programmes, we ask that you are:

  • Willing to try new ways of managing your health condition
  • Take part in group discussions
  • Practice the skills you learn and use them as part of your day-to-day lifestyle and track your progress
  • Help us evaluate the programme
  • Consider other programmes that may benefit to you i.e. Community Nutrition, Green Prescription, Primary Mental Health Initiative
Who is involved in the programme

Each programme is delivered by a Programme Coordinator who is supported by a team of health professionals which includes a Doctor, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Pharmacist, Dietitian, Green Prescription Coordinator and Primary Mental Health team member.

How do I register

You can register on the programme by:

Many health professionals can refer you to our Cardiac programmes, which includes Doctors and Practice Nurses, Registered Nurses, Cardiac Nurses, Specialist Nurses, Maori Health Nurses, Midwives, Mental Health/Addiction Specialists and Dietitians.

We will contact you when we receive a referral.

2023 Cardiac Referral Form
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For more information

Self-Management Coordinator
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