Enrolling in General Practice in Marlborough

Patients who are new to Marlborough need to enrol with a General Practice.

A number of practices are currently accepting patients and they should be contacted directly. Patients should be aware that some practices are only able to accept patients within specific residential areas.

If you have any concerns please contact the Marlborough Primary Health Organisation.

GP Duty Practice Roster for Visitors to Marlborough

Monday  Springlands Health  578-0979
Tuesday  Lister Court Medical   578-5599
Wednesday      Scott Street Health    578-0199
Thursday Francis Street Medical 578-5252
Friday      Redwoodtown Doctors 578-0470

Get your heart and diabetes check

A simple check up could help save your life.

Heart and Diabetes Check
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Healthy Hearts means Longer Lives

Keeping your heart healthy

More than 6,000 kiwis a year die from heart disease and diabetes. One New Zealander dies every 90 minutes from heart disease and more than 225,000 people have diabetes (mostly type 2). A simple heart and diabetes check can help save a person’s life, so get one for yourself and your family, and be there for your team. The tests are quick and easy. Ask your nurse or doctor now. Do it for your family.

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The Marlborough PHO works to improve the health outcomes of the Marlborough community – we welcome your feedback.

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