Health One

HealthOne (Shared Care Record View) is a secure record that stores health information including GP records, prescribed medications and test results.  Authorised healthcare providers such as GPs, Practice Nurses, Pharmacists and hospital Doctors and Nurses can access your information stored in HealthOne.

For Health One Access in Marlborough, you will need to:
  • Contact Marlborough Primary Health to discuss with a trainer about a time to learn Health One.  It is necessary for you to spend time with a trainer.
  • Complete and submit the Health One Access form to your local IT support team.
  • Complete your setup on nervepoint.

After completing the Health One Access from, please send your signed copy to:
Email: or
Marlborough Primary Health
PO Box 1091

Marlborough Health One Access Deed
347.9 KB

For more information, ask your Doctor.