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What is the Health Care Home Programme and Model of Care?

The Health Care Home (HCH) model of care is an integrated care management model that is designed to deliver an improved and more sustainable primary care service in New Zealand.  It enhances a patient and whanau experience, improves health outcomes, creates a more attractive working environment for the workforce and supports better value for the health dollar.   

In 2020 the HCH model was enhanced centred around achieving equity for Māori, Māori aspirations and tikanga.  This includes an alignment to Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) as a vision, a new set of values grounded in equity, and incorporation of whakawhanaungatanga (creating connection / relationship) in the delivery of care.

The enhanced model is flexible and adaptive. Practices may choose to implement some or all the building blocks, choosing aspects that fit the needs of their patients, community and whanau, and which align to the general practice and our Ki te Pae Ora priorities.

The Health Care Home improves care over four core domains of health care:

  • Managing urgent and unplanned care effectively 
  • Shifting from reactive to much more proactive care for those with more complex health or social needs
  • Ensuring routine and preventative care are delivered conveniently, systematically and aimed at keeping people as well as they can be
  • Ensuring that this is all done with greater business efficiency for long term sustainability
Health Care Home National Collaborative

The Health Care Home National Collaborative was formed in 2016 to support the establishment and ongoing development of the Health Care Home Model of Care across New Zealand and ensure consistency in its adoption. The New Zealand Health Care Home Collaborative is a network of DHBs, PHOs and practices who are on the Health Care Home journey. The Network supports member organisations to improve patient services, increase efficiency, and expand staff roles.




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Over 175 practices in NZ are already implementing the Health Care Home model. Implementing the HCH model in the Nelson Marlborough region is a top priority for the Top of the South Health Alliance.  The Marlborough district currently has three HCH practices. 











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What does it mean for me and my practice?

Patient benefits include:

  • Alternatives to face-to-face consultations (phone, email and video) saving time
  • Improved access to care when it is urgently needed
  • Access to an online portal to access services 24/7
  • Greater service choice
  • Better support and management of ongoing health conditions
  • Proactive support to keep them as well as they can be
  • A calm, quiet practice environment
  • Opportunity for their voice to be heard about how services are delivered

Practice benefits include:

  • A calmer working day by managing acute demand more effectively
  • Time and resources to be proactive and plan care for the more complex patients
  • Coordination with other healthcare providers through an interdisciplinary approach
  • Additional roles in the team spreading the workload more effectively
  • Improved business efficiency and release of clinical time
  • Support from change management experts and significant suite of resources
  • Joining a community of like-minded individuals for support and shared learning


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HCH Programme Delivery to the Marlborough region:

Our Primary Health Care Team will provide support and work collaboratively with practice teams to identify their priorities for their patients, community and practice which will:

  • Improve access and address inequities, to benefit vulnerable and highest need populations,
  • strengthen the integration and collaboration of extended health care team members to improve patient-centred care and,
  • strengthen GP sustainability.

Becoming a HCH Practice is simple – just get in touch and you’ll sign up to a one-year collaborative agreement.  Practices can join at a time that works best for their practice team.


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