What is Primary Health Care?

Primary care is usually the first contact you have with health professionals i.e. when you visit your GP and nurse or when a nurse visits you. It is not hospital care.

What are Primary Health Organisations (PHOs)?

They are local groups of primary health care providers responsible for organising and delivering primary health care to meet the needs of those enrolled with them.

How do I know if I'm enrolled in a PHO?

You can check your enrolment status by telephoning 0800 252 464 (0800 HLTH 4 U).

How do I enrol with a PHO?

When you enrol with your GP you are automatically enrolled with your local Primary Health Organisation.

Can I enrol my children?

Yes, you can enrol any children in your care if they are 16 years of age or under. Ask at your GP’s reception to find out what you need to do.

Can I enrol with two Primary Health Organisations?

No. You should enrol with the service you use most often. You can still visit other primary health care professionals but there are benefits when you get most of your health care from your usual doctor, nurse or health service.

What happens if I visit another service?
The Ministry of Health will give your Primary Health Organisation the date of your visit but will NOT give the name of the health service, the reason for your visit or any health information. The health service will check with you about sending your health information to your usual doctor or health service.

What will happen if I choose not to enrol with a PHO?

Enrolment is voluntary. If you choose not to enrol, you will still be able to visit any primary health care professional to get the care you need but you will be charged more at a casual rate. Your health professional will still receive any subsidy the Government currently gives them.

What area does the Marlborough Primary Health cover?

Marlborough Primary Health covers the area from French Pass to the Clarence River to the Marlborough Sounds. See General Practices .

What if I want to change my GP and enrol somewhere else?

You can leave or change your Primary Health Organisation or GP at any time. The Ministry of Health will advise your old Primary Health Organisation that you have enrolled somewhere else, but will NOT give the name of your new health service or PHO.

If I enrol, will I still be able to use my Community Services Card?

Yes. You can use your Community Services Card at the Practices which accept Community Services Cards.

What happens to my enrolment information?

When you enrol, the Primary health Organisation will use the information collected from you to build an enrolment register. This register is sent to the Ministry of Health, where your information will remain confidential.

What is the Health Information Privacy Code 1994?

This code was prepared by the Privacy Commissioner in 1994 to ensure that your privacy is protected. The code is enforceable by law.
Your health service may have copies of the Health Information Privacy Code Fact Sheet. If not, you can get them from the Privacy Commissioner: Visit their website for contact details: www.privacy.org.nz

What are my rights when receiving health services?

You have rights when you receive health or disability services whether you pay for them or not. If you would like to find out more about your rights or if you have any complaint about the care you can:

  • View the Marlborough Primary Health complaints policy on the Contact Us page
  • Phone Marlborough Primary Health on 3 52 6200
  • Ask your local advisory service and Health and Disability Commissioner by phoning 0800 11 22 33
  • Visit the Health and Disability Commissioners website: www.hdc.org.nz or email; hdc@nullhdc.org.nz.

What is the Primary Health Care Strategy?

The Primary Health Care Strategy sets a new vision and direction for the future of primary health care in New Zealand and builds on the goals and objectives of the New Zealand Health Strategy and the New Zealand Disability Strategy.

The vision of the Primary Health Care Strategy is that people will be part of local primary health care services that improve their health, keep them well, are easy to get to and coordinate their ongoing care.
Primary health care services will focus on better health for a population and actively work to reduce health inequalities between different groups.

The vision of the Primary Health Care Strategy will be achieved through:

  • A population health approach, with a greater focus on health promotion and the prevention and management of chronic conditions
  • Involving local communities
  • Greater emphasis on bringing health professionals together and encouraging multidisciplinary approaches
  • Improving service accessibility, affordability and appropriateness
  • Improving coordination and continuity of care
  • Providing funding and services according to the population’s health needs, instead of a fee-for-service approach when individuals are unwell.