Introduction to cultural competence and cultural intelligence and how professional interpreters can help you

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18th Sep 2020
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Wairau Hospital

With the arrival of Colombian refugees and the increasing need for services to use interpreters, Interpreting NZ is holding a free workshop in Blenheim.

Venue:  Arthur Wicks Seminar Centre

Presenter: Inna Palmer, training officer, Interpreting New Zealand
How to register: Contact Andrew ​​Goodger to register:

Course outline
Acquiring cultural competence is much more than being respectful or sensitive to people from different cultures. It is about implementing a set of skills that increases the ability to work safely and productively in culturally diverse settings.  

Workshop objectives
To develop awareness of how cultural differences affect interaction and health outcomes, and start to build the knowledge and skills necessary to provide effective care to patients from different backgrounds, including use of interpreters.

This highly interactive workshop will allow participants to:

  • Explore what constitutes culture, cultural competence and cultural intelligence
  • Increase awareness about your personal culture and its influence in shaping your own behaviors and communication styles
  • Highlight the significance of other cultures’ values, beliefs, assumptions, expectations, and behavior in cross-cultural communication
  • Engage in discussions why cultural competence is important in their work through interactive exercises, case studies, as well as sharing their own experiences
  • Learn how to work productively with interpreters 

After the training, participants are expected to:

  • Be more mindful of their own culture and the effect it has on their daily interactions with coworkers and clients/patients
  • Anticipate and react appropriately to culturally sensitive situations
  • Understand the reasons behind potential conflicts involving miscommunication
  • Communicate better with non-English  speaking patients through interpreters