Education Materials & Compliance Packaging in Gout

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3rd Jun 2015
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Marlborough Community Health Hub

The ‘Stop Gout’ booklet & medication compliance packaging are two ways of helping patients manage their gout that you can provide from your pharmacy.

Suzanne Croft (Arthritis Educator) talks through the ‘Stop Gout’ support pamphlet showing how pharmacists can use this with their patients using health literacy principles to build patients skills and knowledge.

This will be followed by a discussion about compliance packing for gout:
• The seven minute gout treatment & prevention protocol
• How its been used elsewhere in NZ
• How it can be used in Marlborough
• How to implement this in your pharmacy

See the booklet ‘Stop Gout’ (sent separately) that you can find on the Health Navigator site: and for your reference – ‘Talking points for health professionals using a health literacy approach when talking to patients and families about gout’ The NZ Centre for Workforce Literacy Development.

If you were unable to attend this meeting Suzanne will be talking about the ‘Stop Gout’ booklet to practice nurses on Friday June 5th 12:00 – 13:00pm in Meeting Room 3 at the Marlborough Community Health Hub which you would be welcome to come along to – RSVP.

If time permits this will also present an opportunity to discuss how pharmacists would like to see a ‘sub branch’ of the Nelson Branch of the PSNZ operate in Marlborough.

For more information contact Simon Hurley – Pharmacy Facilitator