Cornerstone Infection, Prevention and Control (IPC)

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9th Aug 2017
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Marlborough Community Health Hub

Cornerstone Infection, Prevention and Control training.  For all Health Professionals.

Delivered by Ben Harris – Medical Laboratory Scientist, Infection Prevention & Control.

Ben is an entertaining speaker, lectures widely in NZ & Australia on many aspects of infections – ‘to understand them is to love them’

Cornerstone include a section on Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) and within these at least every three years users are required to have an update session on cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation.    Are you up to date?   Bugs are fascinating and we aim to make this also an enjoyable interactive session on wider aspects of IPC also to promote good health understanding & practice.

  • Are there good bugs and bad bugs?    No, why not?
  • Hand hygiene and cough etiquette, environmental cleaning – does it make a difference?   What risk are toys?
  • Common outbreak infections (e.g. norovirus and seasonal influenza)
  • Vaccinations – so many, is our immune system getting lazy?  Eat dirt?
  • Can we be clean but still an infection risk
  • Our ‘microbiome’, what is it, how is it essential to many aspects of health?
  • Antibiotics – do bugs become resistant or are we breeding resistance?
  • Antibiotics – the miracle is ending,   how much longer, with your help?
  • MDRO’s – MRSA, ESBL, VRE – who has them, when/who to screen, how to manage them, do they last forever?
  • Biofilms
  • Bacteria communicate – ‘quorum sensing’.  What do they communicate? Could we get them to listen to us? Would that help stop infections?

For more information contact Christine Andrews: or 03 520-5002.


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