Smoking Cessation

Smoking is the single most avoidable risk factor for complications in pregnancy and long term health problems for your child.  More than 5000 New Zealander’s die each year from cigarette smoke and the effects of secondhand smoke exposure.

If you would like to quit there support available.

Quitting smoking using a subsidised product and support from a health professional, can double your chances of quitting.

Ministry of Health Smoking Target for Primary Care

“90% of enrolled patients who smoke will be provided with advice and help to quit by a health professional”

Marlborough Primary Health and it’s affiliated General Practices are committed to supporting more smokers make more quit attempts more often.

When you visit your Doctor, Nurse or Health Provider you can expect to be:
Asked if you smoke
Be offered brief advice
Be offered support, or referred to Cessation support to quit.


For information on the Stop Smoking Service for Nelson Marlborough:





Estimated cost of buying tobacco in Marlborough 2014:

Marlborough Prices | Tobocco V Food

Cost to quit

  • Advice and support to quit – FREE
  • 8 week supply of NRT – $5.00 per product


For free advice and support contact:
Your Doctor or Practice Nurse

Stop Smoking Services Nelson Marlborough – Free support to support your quitting journey. Ph: 0800 667 665

Quitline – Free support via phone, txt, and email Ph: 0800 778 778 Website:

Local Pharmacies – for advice and products available to help you quit

Local libraries – for helpful books and DVDs




For more information contact:

Smoking Cessation Contact:
Amaroa Katu