PATHS – Providing Access To Health Solutions

PATHS is a Health to Employment Programme to remove, reduce or manage your health issues that prevent you from working.

  • Participating in the PATHS programme does not impact on your benefit.
  • The goal is to help you receive health assistance so you will be able to move into part time or full time employment.
  • Your personal health information is treated sensitively and stored separately from your Work & Income information.
  • PATHS is a joint service between Work & Income and KHW MPHO.

Am I Eligible

  • In receipt of a Jobseekers Benefit with a medical deferral ( Sickness Benefit)
  • Or in receipt of a Support Living Benefit (Invalid’s Benefit)
  • Live within the Marlborough area
  • Be motivated to work

Recipients of ACC are not eligible.

What Can I Expect

  • An individual appointment with the PATHS Health Coordinator.
  • Individualized health care plans developed and monitored in consultation with your GP.
  • Support to access services.
  • Funding for treatment (If this treatment is an approved part of the health and to employment plan).
  • Support to find appropriate employment.

How Do You Refer

  • Referrals can be sent directly to the PATHS Health Coordinator at KHW MPHO by fax or by post from all agencies including Work & Income, General Practice and through CARES.

    We do not accept referrals via email.

  • You will be declined if you do not meet the eligibility criteria or if your health care is being managed.

PATHS Could Support You To Access

  • The right health specialist
  • Physical Rehab
  • Counselling
  • Pain Management

PATHS Referral Form
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PATHS Health Coordinator:
Linda Kelly
(03) 520 5001