Green Prescription

Green Prescription is a 12 week physical activity programme that is designed to support and encourage adults 18 years and over to become more physically active by being prescribed physical activity.

The Green Prescription programme is a Ministry of Health initiative which is FREE to access through your Doctor or Nurse.

A Green Prescriptions allows our Coordinator to have regular contact either via email, text message or contact in person.

After 12 weeks should you feel you need continued support you may ask for a repeat Prescription.

We offer

To keep you motivated, we off regular weekly activities to our Green Prescription participants.

Who can refer

Many health professionals can prescribe Green Prescriptions including Doctors and Practice Nurses. Registered nurses, Diabetic Nurses, Cardiac Nurses, Maori Health Nurses, Midwives, Mental health/addiction specialists and dietitians, can also prescribe Green Prescriptions with a doctor’s sign off.

Green Prescription is not a substitute for medication it is written advice to GET ACTIVE.

There are 1440 minutes in every day
Schedule 60 minutes to push play

Referral Form
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Green Prescription Coordinator
Deb Healy
0800 ACTIVE (22 84 83)