Active Families

Green Prescription Active Families is a free 6 month community-based programme that supports children / young people and their families to get active and learn about healthy eating in a fun and affordable way.

The goal of the programme is for the whole family to be actively involved in regular physical activity for atleast 60 minutes a day.

The Active Families Coordinator’s aim is to work with all active families participants and their whanau / families to set realistic goals to encourage regular activity that is fun and interactive through support, education and encouragement.


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Who is eligible

To be eligible for the programme you will need to meet the criteria:

  • Aged between 5-18 years
  • Inactive / overweight and benefit from being more active
  • Benefit from healthy eating education
  • Be supported by the whanau / family
  • Have a stable medical condition (if relevant)
  • Children aged 4 years are eligible if referred through B4 School Checks

How can I refer

There are no restrictions on who can refer to the programme.  We encourage self-referrals, referrals from health professionals, community groups, family members and schools who feel the child / young person would benefit from being more active.

Referral forms can be found on our website and be sent to our office. 

Please ensure you receive the families consent before referring.

If we receive a referral with no referral form, this will be completed during the first contact with the family.  Once you have completed the programme we will provide discharge information to your referring agency.

Why is the family involved

The Active Families programme is more successful when there is dedicated support from family members, especially when there are young children involved and because of this, we encourage the family to be actively involved in the programme.

How does the programme work

Once a referral is made to the programme you will be contacted to arrange your first visit.  During this visit we will discuss:

  • goal setting and how we monitor your achievements and stay in contact
  • healthy eating ideas and ideas of how you will become more active
  • what changes you would like to make and what support you will need
  • workshops we offer during the 6 months
  • how to get involved in the group activities

Visits are usually held at our office however we are flexible to meet whanau / family at a place they feel comfortable.   There will be at least one appointment in your home so we have an opportunity to see what activities we could structure around your home and neighbourhood. Visits can take up to an hour.

We provide basic nutrition advice however if you require more in-depth information you may be referred to the Community Dietitian.

 As part of the programme you will be invited to attend workshops with other Active Families participants and you will be invited to all group activities:

  • Workshop 1 – Lunchbox ideas and after school snacks
  • Workshop 2 – Portion sizes and dinner plate eating
  • Workshop 3 – Sugary foods and drinks / diabetes education
  • Weekly Group Activities including school holidays
    • Easter Outdoor Games
    • Cardboard Sliding
    • Walks for Teens
    • Pool Session
    • Cricket and Games
    • Playground and Chalk Games

Active Families is fun and interactive with the ability to work towards Bronze, Silver and Gold Participation Awards.

At the end of the programme

You can leave the programme at any stage however to get the full benefits of what the programme offers we do recommend you commit to the 6 months.

At the end of 6 months, all active families participants will have a wider knowledge around physical activity and healthy eating and can independently sustain an increased physical activity level and therefore graduate from the programme.

For families that would benefit from taking part in a further 6 months, you are able to continue with the programme.

All participants that graduate from Active Families will receive a certificate.



Active Families:
 Emma Brandl
0800-ACTIVE (22-84-83)


Active Families Referral Form
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Active Families Surveys are now able to be completed online.  Surveys are still available in hardcopy at request, to the Active Families Coordinator.  To complete a survey online click here..