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MPHO supports the National government’s strategic direction for ‘Better, Sooner, and More Convenient’ health care, by identifying areas to improve the health and wellbeing of our Pacific people.

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Vege-cation is about encouraging fanau to grow their own vegetables in their backyard. They are provided with the tools and the vegetables to make this happen and are supported by the Backyard Mentoring Programme.

Phase 1:  Foot in the Door.
Connecting with fanau: Providing vegetables as a means to be invited into the home.
Earning trust: Strengthening relationships by visiting regularly and providing the essential tools to enable the garden to grow.

Phase 2:  Maintaining Relationships.
Access: Providing all fanau with information and support to register with a GP in Marlborough and / or providing access to the necessary services.
Engaging with the Backyard Mentoring Programme:  Linking with other services to support growing vegetables in your backyard.
Clinics: Working with GP and Nurses to provide clinics specifically for Pacific fanau to break down the barriers.

Phase 3:  Healthy As.
Role modelling: Developing the skills to know what is healthy living.
Support: Engaging with nutrition and physical activity programmes.

lasi and sana


Kava-cation is a Pacific quit smoking programme designed to educate Pacific on the reasons why smoking is harmful, using the Pacific men’s weekend kava sessions.

On any given weekend in Blenheim there are 9 men’s kava sessions with an average attendance of 95 people. This number increases noticeably from May to September due to the influx of seasonal workers for viticulture work.  More than 90% of those attending kava-cation are long-term smokers and would be a challenge for any quit-smoking operator to tackle.  We believe Talanoa Mo’ui (TM) model has the strategies and the proven “know how” (not the resources) to achieve qualitative and quantitative outcomes.

The programme will be delivered during ten Kava-cation sessions through a series of Talanoa quit smoking topics and guest speakers.  The topics are designed to challenge the participants to quit smoking rather than tell them to quit.

Talanoa 1:  Kava-cation Participants – Smokers
1.   Exploring the H+W5s (How, What, When, Why, Which and Where of smoking)
2.   The effects of smoking on their health, relationship, financial etc.
3.   Are there any benefits from smoking from their perspective?
4.   Knowing that smoking is bad, what are the barriers for quitting the habit?

Talanoa 2:  Health Professional / Guest Speaker
1.   Explore the impact of smoking on health and diseases caused as a result of smoking
2.   Why smoking is addictive?
3.   Why smoking affects people differently?

Talanoa 3: The Ex-Smokers – Their Story.  (Speakers will be selected from)
1.   Kava-cation participants
2.   People from outside the group, especially those with good standing in the community
3.   `Heroes’ selected from various fields of expertise

Talanoa 4:  Establishing strategies for giving up Smoking

Talanoa 5:  Help – Seeking help from smoking cessations






Health Quality Innovation Award
People’s Choice 2017
Nelson Marlborough Health
for Vege-cation


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